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 Baudry's Weapon Shop

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Baudry's Weapon Shop Empty
PostBaudry's Weapon Shop

The 'In-Game' trading place where players can trade bits for various weapons. The weapons themselves are very basic, however if the 'player' wishes to design their own, they need to pay an extra 50 bits per item.


P = primary; two weapons of this type cannot be used in the same fight at the same time.
S = secondary; able to be used along with primary weapons in a fight.
P* = super primary; cannot be used with any other weapon, including secondary.

*Fighter Exclusives*
Iron Longknife - P - DEFAULT
The default weapon for fighters. Is it a knife? Is it a sword? Who knows? It's pretty sharp and light, but a bit short.
Rapier - P - 35 bits
A light and narrow blade, long and easy to pick up and fight with. It is good for stabbing, but is too thin and flimsy to be too effective on the first blow.
Broadsword - P* - 90 bits
A large and wide, two-handed sword for the stronger of the Fighters.
Shield - S - 55 bits
A protective, usually flat or slightly rounded that is to protect the user.

*Lancer Exclusives*
Iron Spear - P - DEFAULT
The default weapon for lancers. It is a long staff with a pointed edge, used for throwing or stabbing at a distance.
Lance - P -35 bits
A sharp, long weapon with a hilt and massive, blossoming blade-like point.
Warhammer - P* - 90 bits
A very large hammer with a flat head and a pointed edge.
Trident - P - 55 bits
A slightly-shorter lancer weapon with three sharp prongs at the end.

*Ranger Exclusives*
Longbow - P - DEFAULT
The default weapon for rangers. It is a simple wooden bow with a long body.
Recurve bow - P - 35 bits
A bow with curved limbs, allowing farther and more-powerful shots than the Longbow.
Crossbow - P - 90 bits
An automated version of the bow, slightly easier to aim, usually takes a good amount of strength to reload.
Dagger - S - 55 bits
A "must have" for most Rangers in case fights get into close-range.

*Mage Exclusives*
Beginner's Spellbook - P - DEFAULT
The default weapon for mages. It is a basic spell book, allowing the user to create small flames, sizzles of electricity, gushes of water, and other small attacks.
Quarterstaff - P - 35 bits
A long, simple staff for whacking people. There is nothing magical about it.
Advanced Spell Tome - P* - 90 bits
A powerful collection of spells, which a larger and stronger variety of spells than the Beginner's Spellbook.
Magic Staff - P* - 55 bits
A hardwood staff, slightly better at whacking than the Quarterstaff. The wood its made of is magic, from Maeko Forest, allowing spells to pass through it. It is rideable with the right magic.

*Cleric Exclusives*
Healing Cross - S - DEFAULT
The default 'weapon' for clerics. It is a golden, metal cross, embedded with gemstones. It has the power to heal allies with moderate effectiveness. The worse the injury, the longer it takes to heal.
Flanged Mace - P - 35 bits
A handheld blunt weapon with hard metal protrusions.
Morningstar - P - 90 bits
A short, blunt weapon with a spiked ball at the end. The ball is detachable from the base, unfurling a swingable chain.
Healing Knife - S - 55 bits
The only blade in the cleric's arsenal. Oh, it also doesn't hurt those who are stabbed by it; though the stab wound endures, all other wounds on the body heal.

*Store is subject to additions/subtractions
**Prices are subject to change

To purchase from this store, post below with the item you want, and your resulting balance of bits. Lying about bits, both in price and resulting balance, could result in a fine added to the final price of the item.
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Baudry's Weapon Shop :: Comments

Bun Bun
Re: Baudry's Weapon Shop
Post on Fri Apr 21, 2017 9:23 am by Bun Bun
1 Quarterstaff : 42 bits - 35 bits = 7 bits
Re: Baudry's Weapon Shop
Post on Fri Apr 21, 2017 9:34 am by Jay
Re: Baudry's Weapon Shop
Post on Tue Apr 25, 2017 3:56 pm by Jay
1 Dagger: 56 - 55 = 1 :c
Re: Baudry's Weapon Shop
Post on Tue Apr 25, 2017 3:57 pm by Echo
Re: Baudry's Weapon Shop
Post on Tue Apr 25, 2017 11:31 pm by Mount
1 Advanced Spellbook: 126 - 90 = 36 bits
Re: Baudry's Weapon Shop
Post on Tue Apr 25, 2017 11:32 pm by Echo
Re: Baudry's Weapon Shop
Post on Sun May 21, 2017 5:50 pm by Wilde
77 - 55 = 22

Trident for Barry plsssss
Re: Baudry's Weapon Shop
Post on Sun May 21, 2017 5:53 pm by Echo
Re: Baudry's Weapon Shop
Post  by Sponsored content

Baudry's Weapon Shop

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