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 [quest_001] Butterflies

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PostSubject: [quest_001] Butterflies   [quest_001] Butterflies Icon_minitimeThu May 18, 2017 11:56 pm

Ansley walked in silence, the only sound being heard was the sound of her boots against the grass as she slowly made her way through Maeko Forest, illuminated at times by the midday sun whenever she passed under a spot where it could easily pierce the leaves of the trees. Despite the fact that she was here with the purpose of questing, she didn't see any reason to bring anyone with her, not that she really did have anyone to bring with her yet. This quest should be easy enough on her own, after all, and this would be a good chance to just take things in, maybe figure a few things out about the game on her own as well. The slight warning that came with the quest found itself the center of Ansley's focus before long. She wasn't sure if she actually believed that something bad would happen just because she collected a bunch of these betaflies, but even if she found herself in danger because of it... she did buy a better spellbook for a reason. Even if that failed, running away was always a decent backup plan as well.

Ansley stopped being so lost in thought and her focus returned more to her surroundings as she entered a clearing in the forest, which she immediately noticed had plenty of the glassy, metallic butterflies fluttering around aimlessly in it. Was this area here solely to serve the purpose of completing this quest, or had she simply gotten lucky? Although it didn't particularly matter, Ansley couldn't help but be at least a little bit curious about it. She made her way into the center of the clearing, continuing to walk at a lax pace, cupping her hands around betaflies that flew too close to her and putting them into her inventory. One, two, three, four, five... in a way, she couldn't help but appreciate the ease of this task, knowing it wouldn't last. After all, she planned on heading for the second level soon. The only reason she wasn't already doing that, and was opting to catch invincible butterflies instead was simply out of desire to be prepared as possible for whatever might come her way. Especially since it seemed likely that she would be facing whatever challenge lied ahead of her alone.

Eventually the counter next to the betaflies in her inventory reached 30, and she began to head back to the treeline, wanting to turn the quest and her newfound collection of betaflies in as soon as possible in case the quest's warning was accurate. However, she didn't hasten her pace as she walked, enjoying the quiet time with her thoughts and plans as she made her way back to Roslare. On the second level she should probably try a bit harder to make some friends and allies. Going it alone would surely only grow increasingly difficult as time went on, and she certainly didn't have any issue with other people. She had certainly attempted to form somewhat of a team on the previous quest she found herself in the middle of. It simply hadn't gone optimally. One of the other players seemed rather cynical, although maybe she'd have a decent chance if she found that other boy again. Of course, he himself could have made it to the second level by now.

Now Ansley quickened her pace somewhat, hurrying the rest of the way to Roslare to turn the quest in, before taking the reward and using it to do a little shopping.
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[quest_001] Butterflies
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