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Deep within a lab in Iceland, a new virtual reality project has been launched. The participants, however, were kidnapped. Welcome to the world of Project Aubade.
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 Character Creation Template

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PostSubject: Character Creation Template   Character Creation Template Icon_minitimeThu Mar 16, 2017 2:05 am

00 · TUTORIAL_01

Hello 「 player 」!

Welcome to「 Project Aubade 」. Please fill in the necessary information as shown below. This is vital towards ensuring the most enjoyable experience in-game for everyone. Much of it is self-explanatory, but a few instances are here to be explained.

「 name · f i r s t  n a m e 」Replace f i r s t n a m e with your own name, spaced out as demonstrated. Please do not touch the unspaced terms in those sections as this may mess with how the game processes your information.

The 'origin' tab refers to how your character arrived in the game. This is put in for data collectors to know how you were introduced to the game; a.k.a., wh̴E͢r͝e̢ a̴n͠d̴ ̕H͞ow͠ ҉wE̡rE͜ yo͢u̡ ̴kiDńa̛p͢Pe̕d?͢ It could have been at a convention, in the middl̢e͠ of͘ ţh̵e roa҉d̕ at night, or from an i̕n̢c̡i̢dent or d͞is̶aster̛ in broad daylight. MoTHER's marketing department is skilled in finding players all over the world, from all walks of life, and good at making it seem like t̶͢h̢҉e͘y̸ ̨w̕͟҉e͏ŗ̶e̶͝ ҉͝ǹ̵e̵͞v̛́e͝͏́r̵͠ ̨k̡̨͝i̷̴̸d̴nap̨̕p҉́e̕̕͟d̢̨ ͜a̛͜͠ţ ̧̛a͠l̶̴l̷͘

At the bottom of the template, 15 points may be allocated between the 5 stats available. These changes are irreversible; the stats themselves affect specific parts of your gameplay. Each class has a stat spread pool and how you allocate your stats will determine what class you play. Refer to the class manual if you would like a general idea of what class you will receive. If you do not wish to allocate your points yourself, choose ???. This will prompt the game to decide your allocations and class for you. Please choose your allocations wisely.

▸ hp refers to your character's ability to survive and endure attacks as well as stamina
▸ atk strengthens your character's combat capabilities and damage at close-range
▸ spd would affect your character's mobility and skills at evading your foe's attacks
▸ mgc enhances your character's spell-casting and decreases cast-time while increasing the power of magic
▸ def is your character's resistance to both spells and attacks, minimizing damage taken

If you have any more questions, please contact a game administrator for more details.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy your time playing 「 Project Aubade 」!

[font=Consolas][size=15][b]01 · INFO[/b][/size]
[center][img]image link[/img]
「 name · [b]f i r s t  n a m e[/b] 」[/center]
name :
age :
sex :
birthday :
ethnicity :
nationality :
country of birth :
hometown :
height :
weight :
[size=15][b]02 · COMBAT[/b][/size]
[center]「 data · [b]s t a t s[/b] 」[/center]
hp :
atk :
spd :
mgc :
def : [/font]
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Character Creation Template
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