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 The Fountain of Youth [Quest/Closed]

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The Fountain of Youth [Quest/Closed] Empty
PostSubject: The Fountain of Youth [Quest/Closed]   The Fountain of Youth [Quest/Closed] Icon_minitimeMon May 08, 2017 11:58 pm

Task: Some crackpot says the Fountain of Youth is somewhere in the Pools of the Valley. Prove him wrong (or possibly right *le gasp*)
Game Location: Pools of the Valley
Availability: [Closed]

1. Damian Brooks
2. Mason Stein
3. Serina Althaus

The Fountain of Youth [Quest/Closed] 0ae9b8a19fe01d8d3210f5fd94b22eb5c1ccff17_hq
Damian - Fighter - Level One
hp : 6
atk : 4
spd : 2
mgc : 0
def : 3
T h r e e  L i v e s  R e m a i n i n g

Barry - Paladin - Level Two
hp : 12
atk :4
spd : 5
mgc : 11
def : 3
T w o  L i v e s  R e m a i n i n g
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The Fountain of Youth [Quest/Closed]
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