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Deep within a lab in Iceland, a new virtual reality project has been launched. The participants, however, were kidnapped. Welcome to the world of Project Aubade.
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» martial artist

A boy who never stops smiling and acting in a rather peculiar that makes his motives questionable. He has a tendency to support other players' efforts yet never joins in with the group himself. Pretty much everyone believes he's a girl due to his appearance and voice.

» ranger

A scholarly and athletic girl who doesn't know the first thing about video games. She is prone to making amateur mistakes and can be very stand-offish, but she really does care about everyone's safety with hopes of escaping without anyone falling victim to their predicament.

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A product of an unwanted pregnancy, Callum was not loved by his parents nor was he their utmost priority. Despite that, his mother unwillingly raised him, only scrapping by the very basic necessities needed for his care while his father refused to acknowledge his existence. When the family was asked to evacuate the city one day due to terrorist threats, they ended up leaving together, only for the car they were using to be caught within an explosion, killing both of his parents. Callum was only two years old then.

His aunt adopted him, being his only living relative at the time. Having lost her own daughter due to an accident in the past, she was overjoyed to have a child to take care of. She thought of him as a complete replacement, treating him like a girl and causing him to have very feminine habits; it didn't help that he already looked effeminate as is. Stressed from running a company, she threw her frustrations on him, becoming downright abusive and demanding he loved her.

Very few at school understood him, making a point to bully him out of jealousy. Some chose to approach him to take advantage of the amount of money he had with him. Unable to bear with it any longer, Callum chose to run away, facing the wrath of his aunt when she managed to track him down. He was transferred to a new school, and instead of letting people find out, he began to put on a farce, despite being very bitter on the inside. Everyone fell for his act and not a single person questioned his situation at home.

One rainy day while walking home from school, a vehicle stopped beside him. Not a single other soul was around, the drops plopping into puddles and creating ripples on the streets. A strange man stepped out, extending his hand out to the boy.

「 Would you like to escape this world? 」

Callum is someone who, in one word, can be described as enigmatic. He's constantly smiling in a manner that some would consider sinister, being unreadable behind a polite mask. While he does support the fact that the other players are working towards completing the game and will impart any knowledge that he finds useful to them, he is unwilling to join them. One could say that he is avoiding the opportunity to get close to any of the players out of mistrust and that he doesn't wish to talk about himself should they bring up their lives before being trapped in the game. Callum doesn't take the game very seriously despite his strange ease at mastering most of the content nor does he seem to take any situation seriously in general. He will make a point to state sarcastic and snide quips, even to the most serious subjects, and he will tease those who stick around him in an almost cruel manner.

He is difficult to figure out, and there are rare instances where a comment others make causes him to freeze up without knowing how to respond. In those moments, he will quickly put on a smile and wave it off as nothing or attempt to redirect the subject at hand. Callum is very practical about the game when needed and doesn't seem to have much trouble tackling the gates on his own. He happens to troll those he converses with and doesn't seem to have any qualms hurting people's feelings. While he strategically makes his moves like in chess, he never takes into account his own safety and doesn't value his own life. Though it is lost in translation very often - as his main language is Korean -, he uses half-polite forms, which is looked down upon because it is ruder than using very informal language.

Physique-wise, he has a very petite appearance and is abnormally pale. He appears very effeminate and delicate, slender, and his hair is noted to be feather-soft. He's stopped trying to tell anyone that he's a boy, as how he looks makes it difficult for anyone to believe otherwise. His eyes look very dull, despite the innocent smile he always puts up. He's also very prone to being mistaken for being younger than he actually is. 

The class that Callum was assigned was the fighter class. Due to his lithe body, he is able to dodge and move around without too much difficulty (in spite of his rather low speed stat). With a profound understanding of the game's battle system, he knows how to take advantage of it better than the other players, often making use of the skills at his disposal to guarantee victory - this is something that many of the players forget to do, relying purely on their own physical prowess instead of taking in the attacks that makes the battles much easier. He doesn't consider himself very special with this, stating that anyone would know how to do it if they took the time to learn it, but he is practically unmatched in combat due to his lack of concern for his own life and intuition; he will make several risky moves that makes him unpredictable with no real set pattern to his attacks.

His current class path would be: fightermartial artist + mage → chaos ruler = tbd

「 data · s t a t s
hp : 18 100
atk : 23 285
spd : 17 215
mgc : 17 285
def : 10 115


NAME: Callum Ainsworth
AGE: 16 · June 14th, 2031
HAIR: Green
EYES: Yellow-green
HEIGHT: 5'0" · 152.4 cm
WEIGHT: 86 lb · 39 kg

SEXUALITY: Aromantic
HOMETOWN: Ashikaga, Japan
RESIDENCY: Seoul, South Korea
CLASS: Martial Artist
WEAPON: None · Sword · Magic Tome
LEVEL: Third

LIKES: ???

PARENTS: Unnamed parents, adopted by his aunt
FRIENDS: Doesn't understand what friends are
NEUTRAL: Pretty much everyone
ENEMIES: Also everyone


▶ His eyes have a tendency to look very glossed over, making it seem as though he has no pupils, and thus, giving him a very glassy, doll-eyed appearance.
▶ He is proficient in 4 different languages - Japanese, Korean, English, and French. In Japanese, he refers to himself with atashi (あたし) while in Korean, he uses jeo (저); both are a result of being forced to use those pronouns rather than by choice.
▶ His voice is very soft and feminine, a stark contrast to his devilish personality. In general, his behavior doesn't really match how he looks or sounds.  
▶ It is difficult to break him out of his calm demeanor. The only telltale signs that someone has managed to do so is when he immediately stops responding and looks rather dazed.
▶ In the real world, he has several health issues that prevent him from being able to exercise properly and sometimes leave him bedridden. They are - but not limited to - HCM, low blood pressure, epilepsy, and Duchenne muscular dystrophy. His immune system and body is very weak, so he tends to also get sick very easily.
▶ He will never ever refer to any player by name. It will always be by their class instead or a very distinct physical feature (ex. Mackenzie and Shepard would both be Ms. Whiskers and Mr. Whiskers respectively).
▶ "I can assure you that I'm always serious."

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Born into a noble household with the blood of the famous musician, Antonio Vivaldi, running through her veins, her family is well-renowned for their musical talents and has been hailed as one of the leading composers of the current era. However, despite her parents’ insistence that she be musically gifted, it was to no avail. She tried to learn several instruments alongside her younger brother, namely the piano, but Lilian was unable to keep up with the pace set, finding herself severely outclassed by her brother due to his gift of musical synesthesia. In a fit of jealousy and rage, she decided to quit music and continue to promote her other talents.

Her parents, especially her father, completely disproved of her behavior, souring their relationship with one another. They feel as though they have to hold up to the reputation that their ancestor has set for them, and that Lilian trying to break free from this line would be detrimental to it. Unwilling to stick to the traditions set by her family, she sought to prove herself in different areas of expertise, whether it be sewing, running, or academics. Regardless of her achievements in these fields, her father would continue to spurn her for her rebellious nature and refuse to acknowledge what she has accomplished.

Her musically gifted brother began to succumb to his cancer. His condition continued to decline, and eventually, the family decided to put aside their differences for a while to spend what they believed to be his last moments with them. One day, in the hospital room, her brother mentioned how the very popular company known as MoTHER was starting to hold beta tests for a new project that they were working on at several gaming conventions. He stated that he would like to go, but the hospital refused to let him leave, and as a result, he pleaded that Lilian go for him and tell him about her experience after. She didn’t know the first thing about video games.

「 If it’s for you… I’ll go. 」

Lillian is rather haughty and has a tendency to look down on many of the others in the game. She’s prideful and arrogant, unwilling to let anyone talk poorly about her though she will often do it to others anyway, despite disliking it. Often, she doesn’t think about the other players nor does she pay attention to their feelings, acting condescending as though she is superior to them in almost every aspect possible. She isn’t above pointing out the flaws of others, calling them names, but she doesn’t say anything with crude language or holding very petty grudges, being more passive-aggressive than anything; her upbringing has made her believe that curse words and several other words with similar stigmas are for the unintelligent.

Because she had spent so much time working on extracurricular activities and enhancing her academic capabilities, she had never spent any time playing games. As a result, Lilian sticks to the stereotype that gamers are lazy assholes who don’t have anything special to them, and that video games themselves are very stupid and not worth the time to play.  「 Project Aubade 」 is her first official video game. Consequently, she doesn’t know what she’s doing. She can catch onto concepts quickly, but she won’t understand what makes them so significant, considering how the game works. Lilian doesn’t realize that it’ll take a lot more skill to get through the game. In spite of being rather awkward and harsh around the others, she does care about their safety and hopes that nobody will be lost while playing the game; of course, she’ll never actually admit this to anyone.

She’s very smart and has an air of regality to her, however. Lilian also has the build of a runner, being rather speedy and more mobile than the average ranger. In the real world, she is known to be very pretty, her skin free of blemishes. She is more than grateful that her outfit in the game turned out to be much more modest than the ones she had seen in her brother’s games.

The class that Lilian was assigned was the ranger class. As she is very agile and athletic, those skills translate into her body in the game, making her able to outpace the average archer. She was also capable of using a bow and arrow in the real world, and thus, she has an easier time grasping the bow and landing the bulls’ eye on her targets; this makes it very easy for her to run and shoot at the same time or attack a moving target. However, she isn’t the best at reading humans (seeing as she only hunted game), and while she often likes to think there is a set pattern for her to follow, Lilian is easily thrown off-guard with random and sporadic moves. She’s also very poor with game mechanics, not relying on class skills and more on her own power.

Her current class path would be: ranger → sidewinder + lancer → valkyrie = tbd

「 data · s t a t s
hp : 4
atk : 3
spd : 6
mgc : 1
def : 1


NAME: Lilian Vivaldi
AGE: 15 · September 4th, 2031
GENDER: Female
HAIR: Dirty blonde
EYES: Blue
HEIGHT: 5'5" · 165 cm
WEIGHT: 122 lb · 55 kg

HOMETOWN: Atrani, Italy
RESIDENCY: Seoul, South Korea
CLASS: Ranger
WEAPON: Longbow
LEVEL: First

LIKES: Butterflies, cooking, fashion, cake
DISLIKES: Dirt, idiots, video games, music

PARENTS: Camilla Vivaldi & Giovanni Vivaldi
SIBLINGS: Lucio Vivaldi
NEUTRAL: Everyone else


▶ Because Echo watched way too much Baka to Test before creating Lily, Lily is both an idiot and intelligent as a result; she will do several stupid things and say a lot of dumb stuff, but there is a casual reminder that she’s actually a smart cookie.
▶ She is completely tone-deaf and doesn’t understand music very well, no matter how much she tries to learn it. Don’t ask her to sing because she will shatter the glass and kill your eardrums.
▶ Ultra tsundere, in more ways than one. There are a few times where she might knock you in the head if you fluster her too much.
▶ She doesn’t like being called Lily because it reminds her of her brother too much, so if she doesn’t get on your case for calling her that, it probably means that she’s completely okay with it.
▶ She enjoys competition and rivalries a lot in a friendly manner, though Lilian is prone to getting out of hand with it every now and then.
▶ While she’s really glad that the outfit the game gave her isn’t showy and has some decent armor, Lilian can’t help but feel that the area where they placed her arrow storage is very uncomfortable.
▶ "Hah? The only people who are morons are the ones pointing fingers at others about it."

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