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Deep within a lab in Iceland, a new virtual reality project has been launched. The participants, however, were kidnapped. Welcome to the world of Project Aubade.
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Section 1, General Conduct

  1. The word of administration is law. Our administration is level-headed and fair, and generally will not do things without meaning. If administration decides on something, such as a late rule or lore addition or that something you've done is not right, it is law, and must be taken as such.
  2. This is known as the 'don't be a little bitch' rule. What this is is a game, something entertaining for people to have fun with. Long, arduous whinefests over totally legal happenings will not be tolerated. Chill, fam.
  3. We at Project Aubade are perfectly fine with the occasional venom or distasteful spat. However, we do not tolerate frequent poor behavior towards others, such as incitement of violence or bullying. You can banter and kid and have bad days, but when it is the centerpiece of your character, we will take notice.  
  4. If you are reading this, you are doing something right. Failure to read the rules is in and of itself a breach of the rules, in particular this rule. Pleading ignorance will not absolve you from a warning; you will be directed here if the administration sees you demonstrating some sort of disillusion regarding the rules, and you are expected to read.
  5. Spam is not permitted outside of the Chatterbox. If you post for the sake of raising your post count or causing annoyance, including lazy one-liners and frequent posts that add nothing to the thread's subject matter, you will be warned and possibly banned.
  6. Double-posting, or posting a message and replying to the same thread without a post from someone else in between, is prohibited, and the subsequent post will be subject for deletion.
  7. Making and/or using two or more accounts, especially after a ban, is forbidden. Post-ban abuse of this rule can possibly result in a perma-ban for the offending member, and punishment for whomever may know of the account(s).

Section 2, Roleplaying Rules

  1. Roleplayers are limited to two free characters, after which they need to buy more slots from the Store board. Infinite characters are allowed so long as they are paid for. Passives/NPCs are not included in your two free characters.
  2. Characters are allowed three lives in the world of Project Aubade, meaning they can die three times and the first two times, they will appear back at their home. After the third time, however, they will be gone forever. Plan battles and death scenes accordingly; deaths cannot be reversed.
  3. Characters are the property of their creators, unless the character is given to another person through administrative approval. Characters must not be tampered with in any way that effects the furthering of topic in which they are being effected, without the consent of the creator of said character. This includes killing a character, making the character move, or reacting for a character. Making an item interact with a character, however, such as an acorn falling on one's head, is allowed.
  4. Project Aubade gives full creative and literary liberties to roleplayers so long as they conduct themselves with taste and respect to the site and their fellow roleplayers. Vulgar language is acceptable so long as it isn't exorbitantly and obscenely displayed with no explanation as to why. Sexual roleplay is acceptable so long as it is not tasteless or extremely graphic, and so long as it does not occupy a large sum of a roleplayer's time and effort on the site.
  5. Miscellaneous world building is allowed. Feel free to encounter an NPC that tells a story about their life in the world of Project Aubade, or make a character NPC with an extensive history relative to the world of PA. However, do not fabricate extensive or serious worldbuilding that may change the site's universe in a profound way. If you are unsure about the gravity of something you post or wish to post, PM an admin.
  6. Characters can be at any age, though note that the likely age of kidnapped victims would be between 12-18. Older characters would be too strong and smart to capture, and younger characters would be too dependent to be on their own. There are allowed to be exceptions, but take note of this logic.
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Site Rules
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