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 Battle Tutorial & Class Skills List

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PostSubject: Battle Tutorial & Class Skills List   Battle Tutorial & Class Skills List Icon_minitimeSat Mar 18, 2017 4:13 pm

00 · TUTORIAL_03
「 data · B A S I C S
While there is no official battle system for the game, battles do operate in one way or another, specifically for battles at the gates and against other players. Namely, every base class has up to 4 special skills they may use after a certain amount of "turns" in battle posts; do note that these special skills are not the limit of what the class can be able to do as players may come up with their own basic attacks and combos. Foes in「 Project Aubade 」must be defeated within a certain amount of turns, otherwise it is an automatic loss. This only applies to gate battles and special bosses. When fighting other players, the stats allocated during character creation serve to be used as a reference and not a restriction as to who wins or loses. Most of what is described in this tutorial does not apply to normal mobs and spawns roaming around the areas.

All of these skills are optional and do not have to be used. A “turn” refers to every post that pertains to the battle. Do note that classes such as the 「 cleric 」 or 「 mage 」require that many number of turns without being interrupted while casting unless their mgc is high enough so that they can cast while being attacked. Turns translate to seconds in terms of time.

The following skills names and descriptions are subject to change.

「 class · A L L
▸ skill_1a emits a force field around the player that reduces all damage taken by 80% but the player's damage output is reduced slightly for 3 turns. It takes 1 turn to use, but using it consecutively decreases the success at emitting the barrier.

「 class · F I G H T E R
▸ skill_1f is a ground projectile that the player can launch that homes in on the target; it is useful if the fighter wishes to keep a bit of distance between their opponent and themselves while waiting for healing or support from allies. It takes 1 turn to use.
▸ skill_2f slams the target with extreme force, forming a blast of energy that blasts all nearby enemies away or knocks them down. It takes 2 turns to use.
▸ skill_3f unleashes a flurry of 5 strikes consecutively with the final one knocking the target into the air; best used to start aerial combos. It takes 2 turns to use.
▸ skill_4f is a passive skill that slightly increases the player's speed and reflects back 25% of any damage that they tank. Once triggered, their attacks will deal more damage and give them an immunity. It takes 5 turns to use and lasts for a total of 3 turns.

「 class · L A N C E R
▸ skill_1l causes the player to extend their arm and spin their pole arm in front of them, emitting a blast of energy at the end that does substantial damage. It takes 1 turn to use.
▸ skill_2l activates when the player performs a back-spin and slashes their spear diagonally, conjuring up a small whirlwind that blows opponents away. It takes 1 turn to use.
▸ skill_3l impales the spear into the ground, and the player uses the polearm to flip into the air before dropping onto their opponent with their heels and spear. It takes 2 turns to use.
▸ skill_4l is a passive skill that creates after-images of the player's avatar to add onto the combo and deal additional damage. There is an off-chance that the image will cause the opponent to flinch, ignore enemy defense, or land a critical hit. It takes 4 turns before it will be in effect and lasts for 3 turns.

「 class · R A N G E R
▸ skill_1r unleashes a powerful projectile that pierces through the target and can attack additional enemies behind. Through the player's concentration, it may stay impaled in the target and cause them to lose damage over time. It takes 2 turns to use.
▸ skill_2r releases a concentrated stream of arrows that fan out in one direction before homing in on their targets. If they are unable to find a target after 1 turn, they explode within their current vicinity. It takes 4 turns to use.
▸ skill_3r shoots multiple projectiles at an angle that travel on the ground, increasing in size and speed as it moves along. The user can use it either at high elevation or jump into the air to get the angle correctly. It takes 1 turn to use.
▸ skill_4r is a passive skill that builds up orbs around the player. These orbs may be applied to their attacks whenever they choose, and the first hit of the orb will cause a detonation that ignores defense and randomly inflict one of the following status ailments: poison, paralysis, or slow. It takes 2 turns for each orb to charge up, and the player may only keep up to 5 orbs.

「 class · M A G E
▸ skill_1m creates a small fire ball that homes in on the target and explodes upon contact. It takes 3 turns to use.
▸ skill_2m summons three discs of water that spread out in a fan, encircling the target and trapping them within a whirlpool before dissipating. It takes 3 turns to use.
▸ skill_3m unleashes several blades of wind that cut the opponent, surrounding them for a couple of seconds. It takes 3 turns to use.
▸ skill_4m is a passive skill in which the player will be able to 'memorize' any of their skills through a charge-up. Upon memorization, the skill will only take 1 turn to use for a lowered mana cost. The same skill cannot be memorized more than once in a row, and the player may memorize up to 3 skills. Each memorization takes 3 - 5 turns, but it enables the player to use the same spell twice in succession (without cast time) if used correctly.

「 class · C L E R I C
▸ skill_1c heals the targeted ally for a small percentage of HP and cures them of any status ailments. It takes 3 turns to use.
▸ skill_2c buffs an ally's atk, mgc, and def by a small percentage for 4 turns. It takes 5 turns to use.
▸ skill_3c randomly inflicts any status ailment on opponents that last for 3 turns. It takes 2 turns to use.
▸ skill_4c is a passive skill that activates once during battle when one or more allies' HP is low, increasing their defense and speed slightly while healing 1/4th of their health over a period of 5 turns; during this state, all status ailments are automatically cured and have no effect.
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Battle Tutorial & Class Skills List
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