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 Magic Lies In Challenging What Seems Impossible (closed)

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PostSubject: Re: Magic Lies In Challenging What Seems Impossible (closed)   Magic Lies In Challenging What Seems Impossible (closed) - Page 2 Icon_minitimeThu Apr 20, 2017 10:07 pm

She was a scholar. She was also an athlete. Track and field was something she excelled at, and for the longest time, Lilian enjoyed the fact that she boasted such a speedy time in her sprints. Running made her feel alive, and boy did it made her feel alive right now, if anyone would count running at the speed of light from a creepy bird man that used to be human and could possibly be a pedophile - for all they knew - in the middle of a dark and abandoned place that might as well be crumbling on top of them with all of the debris falling onto their heads under the term 'alive'.

Bringing her hands up to shield her head from potentially fatal damage, it seemed almost the luck of the draw that they didn't get hit by the Wicken's spell and Olive had managed to lit a tiny fire in her hands again. Did she only know how to use her fire spells? Mages could use the four basic elements, right? Or was that just something the Avatar could do? Ugh, either way, they were safe. She didn't think she ran that fast in her life before. Placing her hands on her knees, Lilian heaved a deep sigh, taking care to control her breathing to prevent panting too much. It was so strange. She shouldn't have to rely on oxygen in this world, and yet, she felt short of breath.

"Ehh?" Lilian said between breaths. "Let... me rest-- Hey!" Within a few moments, Olive had clenched her fingers tight around her hand, dragging her and forcing her to run further. Only mere moments afterwards, a rumble cracked through the ceiling, roaring with the force of tidal waves. Oh. Maybe she celebrated too soon and let her guard down a tad too early. Ahh, whatever.

Soon enough, they made it to the entrance of the ruins, out of harm's way. Basking in the sunlight, Lily almost wanted to gracelessly topple over, but that wouldn't have been proper of her at all and her coach would've told her off. With careful strides, she paced back and forth, taking steady steps to regulating her breath a bit more.

Lilian spoke up once she was sure she wouldn't be pausing ever so often to speak, "Never mind. I won't hold it against you for touching me."
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Magic Lies In Challenging What Seems Impossible (closed) - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Magic Lies In Challenging What Seems Impossible (closed)   Magic Lies In Challenging What Seems Impossible (closed) - Page 2 Icon_minitimeFri Apr 21, 2017 9:07 am

Olive was happy to be out of the tunnel, taking in lungfulls of air hungrily. The two girls paused in silence, each to catch her breath. The smell of fresh air was welcome after spending time in the ruins where the smell of old stone and the rotten greenery chocked her. She took several minutes before she got up, having toppled in the grass, not quite lady-like. Olive brushed her hair from her face, gawking at the dark mouth of the tunnel. As exciting as seeing the structure crumble, the mage thought it would be better to get out of harm's way.

She looked up at Lilian and wiped the hand on her pants, grinning. "Aw, don't worry. I'll hold it against myself anyway." she joked. Something inside of her made her angry. Maybe it was just a moment, but she felt a sort of respect for the ranger. 'She's okay.' she came to a mental stalemate and snapped her attention away. It was better to get out of there fast, and now that they weren't fighting the Wicken anymore, the 'Teleportain' tab shone just like the other actions in the UI. Olive wondered whether Lilian would be able to use hers too, but it wasn't her problem after all.

"Is it just me or am I getting soft?" she joked outloud, stretching her back and extinguishing the small flame she had used to light their escape. She was yet to try out other types of magic, but at the moment, the fire had definitely come in handy. Olive patted Lilian on the back before bouncing away on her right leg, spinning in the grass. "See you around. Cherie." she smiled and with that she pressed 'Teleportation' tab and chose the Watcher's Pub. Maybe she wasn't going to stay at the pub and feel pissed, but relieved. But she was going to enjoy that hot meal.

Magic Lies In Challenging What Seems Impossible (closed) - Page 2 Tumblr10

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Magic Lies In Challenging What Seems Impossible (closed)
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