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 Cillian's Smithy

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PostCillian's Smithy

Cillian specializes in melee weaponry that transforms into ranged weapons. These weapons sell at a much higher price and can only be found in Cillian's Smithy. Cillian can also customize the look of your weapon to your desires.* Anyone claiming to have one either is lying or managed to steal one, as once you have one you'll never want to let it go, Cillian Guaranteed.
*Customization of the weapons does not change the functionality

All weapons here are 'Super Primary' weapons (P*), meaning they cannot be paired with a secondary weapon.

Fighter Class Exclusives:

Excalibreaker - A sword that turns into a rifle. It transforms by pressing a button on the hilt, which will cause the hilt to flip down and the blade to separate at the point, revealing a barrel. Price - 150 bits

Ranger Class Exclusives:

Dualuger - A dagger that turns into a pistol. A similar process to the sword/rifle, the hilt folds downwards and the blade reveals the barrel. Price - 150 bits

Cleric Exclusives:

Greatnades - Small, cartoonish bombs that, when thrown down, will emit a powerful burst of light, healing most injuries, only for allies, and blinding enemies. These are given in unlimited supply with this purchase. Price - 150 bits

Mage Exclusives:

Boomstick - a staff with the power to fire small non-lethal explosives from the end as a method of distraction or stunning. Price - 150 bits

Lancer Exclusives:

Longcannon - A polearm that folds and transforms into a sniper rifle. A button is pressed and a scope pops up and a trigger folds down. The end of the polearm where the blade used to be is where the barrel is. Price - 150 bits

Custom Weapons:

Weapons that are completely customized by Cillian for the player. They require making a creation here and getting it approved by a game administrator, but once they are made, they are guaranteed to be completely unique weapons fit for the player's play style. Price - 500 bits

To purchase from this store, post below with the item you want, and your resulting balance of bits. Lying about bits, both in price and resulting balance, could result in a fine added to the final price of the item.
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Cillian's Smithy :: Comments

Re: Cillian's Smithy
Post on Sun May 21, 2017 5:48 pm by Wilde
I wish to buy Excalibreaker for my dear Damian please

226 - 150 = 76
Re: Cillian's Smithy
Post on Sun May 21, 2017 5:54 pm by Echo
Re: Cillian's Smithy
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Cillian's Smithy

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